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 The production of tea requires great knowledge, experience and patience. Tea is a unique raw material – there are hundreds of tea types, a flavour of tea infusion depends on the time of harvest and a method of processing tea leaves. All of that has a huge impact on a final product.

We have built the LOYD brand based on our business experience, our passion and cooperation with the legendary Thompson Lloyd&Eward tea house, present on the market since 1760. We consistently develop our tea market segment, with the focus on leadership for quality. Thus, we can offer measurable benefits to our customers: much stronger taste sensations, functionality and utilitarianism, convenience in usage, elegance and prestige.
The LOYD brand portfolio includes black, green and white teas. dried fruit and herbal teas – among them also very exotic tea types, such as rooibos or yerba mate, and functional blends. Excellent flavour blends are obtained mainly from selected top-quality raw materials. The high quality of our teas is also guaranteed by state-of-the-art machinery used for packing tea into pyramid tea bags and strict raw-material quality selection criteria. The whole production cycle is monitored, from the start, that is from cropping, through harvesting and transport to the production plant.

The LOYD brand is recognized as belonging to the premium tea market, which is a very demanding market; however, owing to modern production facilities under constant development and innovative technology, we are able to supply this market with top-quality products. This has been proven by many awards and distinctions, including the Superbrands Created in Poland award, the one that is particularly valuable. Last year, the LOYD brand won the award for the third time – in the third Polish edition of the competition. Brand assessment criteria include: high awareness and good brand image, both among the consumers as well as in experts’ opinion.
Every year, innovative products are added to the LOYD line. For this reason, in 2015, we put on the market a new LOYD TEA&Wine line, inspired by the taste of white, pink and red wine, and the LOYD herb&fruit tea line with Manuka honey flavour. In 2016, LOYD presented inspiring flavour blends, based on juicy and aromatic forest fruits with exotic and warming-up ginger. At the moment, the LOYD fruit tea line includes three novelties: the cranberry and raspberry LOYD tea, the blackberry and elderflower LOYD tea and the cranberry and ginger LOYD tea. In order to present the extraordinary and exotic flavour of Yerba Mate to those who don’t feel like experimenting with non-standard brewing methods, LOYD has recently launched a new product line based on yerba mate. Excellent, fresh, fruity flavour profiles such as: aloe vera and pomegranate, fig and grapefruit, mint and lemon grass or mandarine, supplement the sunny flavour of Yerba in a refreshing and juicy way. Pyramid tea bags guarantee unobstructed circulation of water, which ensures the infusion that is full of aroma. Nowadays, more and more consumer requirements are related to health and support for our bodies. As a result, the LOYD functional series of “Recipe for…” teas has recently appeared on the market. The series includes top “pharmaceutical” quality products in popular pyramids. LOYD's Recipe for a good night’s sleep – with lemon balm, chamomile, hops and mint has relaxing effects and supports the physiological mechanism of falling asleep. LOYD's Recipe for active digestion – with mint, anise, fennel, caraway and licorice supports digestion. LOYD's Recipe for healthy throat – with lemon thyme, fennel, anise and common thyme, supports proper function of throat, larynx and vocal cords.


LOYD is an innovative brand that quickly reacts to consumer trends. The launch of LOYD tea in pyramids was initiated by surprisingly increasing interest in new ways of serving. Its three-dimensional shape allows to use long tea leaves – so far used only in leaf (loose leaf) teas, and it doesn’t limit water’s access to dried leaves, so the flavour of the infusion is profound.


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