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Rainforest Alliance



MISSION: to protect biodiversity and social prosperity by changing farming habits, business policy and the Customers’ approach to environmental problems.

VISION: a world where people live in prosperity and in harmony with the environment.

STRATEGY: the Earth and people are interdependent; we must protect the environment particularly the places where the largest reserves are located. By training and cropping certification, we can contribute to the improvement of living conditions and at the same time protect the environment.

The Rainforest Alliance Program was started in 1987. At the moment, it has 35 thousand members. The program’s annual budget is $53 million.
Rainforest Alliance operation area:
• environmental protection,
• setting up certified farms,
• providing education to farmers and their families,
• responsible tourism promotion,
• forests protection and replanting,
• limiting environmental damage caused by coal mining.

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