Quality is a key attribute of the LOYD brand. The Quality Policy, which we have developed and implemented in detail, guarantees that our Customers will receive highest quality products that are safe in terms of health and legally compliant.
In order to ensure high and reproducible quality of our teas, each stage of our production processes is strictly controlled. It is effected by means of the specially designed, comprehensive quality control programme that we have in place, including:
• Supplier quality management system aimed at ensuring that all materials used in tea production meet specific requirements of the LOYD Brand. The control covers all raw materials and packaging at plant entry level and it includes specialist physiochemical tests, organoleptic tests and microbiological tests, performed with the use of modern equipment in our Plant Laboratory. Our supplier quality management system includes also a supplier quality control program at Suppliers’ facilities, through our dedicated audit scheme supervised by qualified auditors.
• Inter-process inspection scheme has been developed to guarantee a responsible and complete supervision over each stage of work. The effectiveness of such scheme, with the participation of all staff, working for quality of products, arises from our motivation system and dedicated trainings in the scope of quality tools, GMP and GHP practices and food production-related legal provisions.
• Final control programme is implemented by our production-independent Quality Control Department and the Plant Laboratory. The aim of the actions taken at this stage by our well-qualified and experienced personnel with the use of modern methods, control and measurement tools, is to finally confirm that, thanks to guaranteed high quality, including health quality, each product we sell meets the requirements of our Customers.
The highest quality of our products is confirmed by the management system maintained by our brand and by the standards we meet, as certified by independent accredited units:
• Quality management system in compliance with ISO 9001:2008, which stems from the principle of continuous improvement and a desire to satisfy Consumer needs as much as possible.
• Food safety management system, compliant with ISO 22000:2005, combines the HACCP requirements (in accordance with Codex Alimentarius) with Good Practices (for Manufacture and Hygiene). The certificate held by our company guarantees that we provide our Customer with safe products.
• BRC (British Retail Consortium) is a Global Food Safety Standard developed in Great Britain in 1998 by British Retail Consortium, currently the 7th version of the standard being in force. Our AA rating certificate is a fair confirmation that we meet the requirements regarding the highest quality, safety and that our products are legal in terms of each of the operational fields of our company.
• IFS (International Food Standard) is an international food safety standard developed in 2002 by German retailers and, like BRC, it concerns product safety and legal compliance - related requirements, including resource management, planning and production processes, measurements, analyses and improvement as well as food defense issues. As the owners of the LOYD brand, we are proud to hold the certificate confirming that we meet the requirements of this standard at the “Higher Level”.
Our certificates prove our reliability, reproducible quality and safety of our products, as well as their compliance with law and Customer expectations.

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