Cranberry and Raspberry

A fruit tea produced from carefully selected ingredients that combines the flavour of aromatic cranberry with the juiciness of raspberry, which delights with the deep and intense colour of infusion, strong aroma and enchanting flavour of ripe fruit.

The pleasant sourness of cranberry and the juiciness of ripe raspberry have been caught inside three-dimensional pyramids which, thanks to the innovative, silky material, release the bouquet and flavour enclosed in dried fruit even better. The ideally flavour-neutral and biodegradable tea bags expose raw material in an excellent way, so the infusion inside your teacup will amaze you with its unique bouquet and will enchant every moment, to help you discover magic in everything that surrounds you.

Experience the warming effect of the Cranberry and Raspberry Flavour LOYD tea served hot and the refreshing effect of the tea when it is served ice cold on hot days. Let this classical tea enchant you, because LOYD offers tea with a hint of magic.

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