Dark Kenya

Dark Kenya – the pearl of Africa – is an excellent, unique “single origin” black tea which gives an infusion with a pronounced flavour. Its colour saturation is very high, its aroma is full and rich like equatorial air, where it grows. Golden Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe – is a blend of highest quality leaves. Let it enchant you, because LOYD offers tea with a hint of magic.

The LOYD Finest Selection tea line offers specially selected, very rare and high-quality teas from the most reputable tea plantations, packed in exclusive and elegant tins, intended for the most demanding consumers. Open the lid and enter the magical world of the finest teas. To ensure customer full satisfaction, dried tea leaves are packed in ideally flavour-neutral pyramid bags which, thanks to innovative silky material, release the bouquet and flavour enclosed in the blend even better. Moreover, the three-dimensional shape of tea bags provides tea leaves with enough room for full unfolding and allows to release full aroma straight into boiling water, making up a highest quality infusion – as if it was brewed with a tea-infuser. That is why the LOYD Finest Selection tea line lets you enjoy every moment in time and discover magic in everything that surrounds you.

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