The name of GUNPOWDER tea comes from its resemblance to the gunpowder used in the past, which looked like irregular small grey grains. GUNPOWDER tea is greatly valued among noble green tea types.

LEAF SHAPE: Large and broad leaves rolled into small pellets with a dark-green, clearly shining colour.

FLAVOUR TONES: Distinctive, rich flavour.

AROMA TONES: Distinctive, charmingly fresh with a bit of sweetness.

COLOUR TONES: Clear infusion with sunny-golden colour.

Ideal at any time of a day, especially in the morning and as a base for the Moroccan mint tea.
Thanks to innovative, silky material, ideally flavour-neutral pyramids release the bouquet and flavour enclosed in dried tea leaves even better. Moreover, the three-dimensional shape of tea bags provides tea leaves with enough space for full unfolding and allows to release full aroma, making up a highest quality infusion – as if it was brewed with a tea-infuser. LOYD Classic Black Tea will help you discover magic in everything that surrounds you.

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