Linden with the Flavour of Lemon with Honey

A harmonious blend of flavours which are almost archetypal: mild flavour of linden wings [Lat. Tilia L.] perfectly complements the freshness of lemon, and the sweetness of honey feels wonderfully soothing.

The Vikings devoted the tree of linden to Freyja. It was usually planted in the middle of squares and people would gather in its shadow. On the other hand, its Greek name, Philyra, stands for the mother of Chiron, a centaur who was known for helping people. Feel the wholesome effect of the linden hidden inside pyramids.

The magic of herbs has been known to people since the times known from mythology. The force hidden inside plants is rediscovered nowadays, winning our admiration and amazement once again. The line of herbal&fruit LOYD teas opens up new horizons of taste and amazes with its unique bouquet. Carefully composed blends will amaze herb lovers and convince sceptics that herbs don't have to be used only as components of medical products, but they also offer wonderful flavours which will put us in a great mood.
Blends are packed in ideally flavour-neutral pyramids which, thanks to the innovative, silky material, release the bouquet and flavour enclosed in high-quality dried fruit and herbs even better. Moreover, the three-dimensional shape of tea bags provides large pieces of herbs with enough room for full unfolding and allows to release full aroma straight into boiling water, unobstructed. As a result, the Herbal&Fruit LOYD tea line will make each moment in time nicer, to help you discover magic in everything that surrounds you. Let it enchant you, because LOYD offers tea with a hint of magic.


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