SENCHA means literally “steamed tea” as the leaves picked from a tea plant are first processed with the use of steam and then they are dried and rolled. Among noble green tea types, SENCHA is a classic one.

LEAF SHAPE: Large and broad leaves rolled into a typical, long needle shape.

FLAVOUR TONES: Delicate and mild flavour.

AROMA TONES: Pleasant, subtle aroma with a slight grassy tone.

COLOUR TONES: Clear infusion with a beautiful yellow-green colour.

Ideal at any time of a day, especially after meals or served cold, as a refresher.

Thanks to innovative, silky material, ideally flavour-neutral pyramids release the bouquet and flavour enclosed in dried tea leaves even better. Moreover, the three-dimensional shape of tea bags provides tea leaves with enough space for full unfolding and allows to release full aroma, making up a highest quality infusion – as if it was brewed with a tea-infuser. LOYD Classic Black Tea will help you discover magic in everything that surrounds you.


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