TEA & Wine Inspired by the Flavour of Dry White Wine

TEA & Wine, inspired by the flavour of dry WHITE WINE is a velvety, mild infusion with smooth, flowery bouquet composed in cooperation with sommeliers. Try out the way it emphasizes the taste of poultry, seafood and cheese.

By creating the TEA & Wine tea line, we have combined the history of two noblest beverages in the world inside one magical teacup: tea, the drink of the sages of the East, surrounded by the delightful taste of wine - a symbol of Mediterranean civilizations.

We present a line of infusions possessing unusual properties that will bring out the flavour of any exquisite dish. They are also a good option for those who avoid drinking alcohol but would fancy a glass of an aromatic beverage. Taste the potion which will add some magic to your evening relax time.

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