Yerba Mate with Mandarine Flavouring

The mandarine-flavoured Yerba Mate is a very exotic tea. Taste the wonderful flavour of the mysterious Yerba Mate wrapped up in a sunny and sweet mandarine. Let it enchant you, because LOYD offers tea with a hint of magic.

Yerba Mate, a traditional beverage of Guarani and Quechua People (caá mati), is obtained from the leaves of yerba mate plant. Helps to endure on scorching days and serves as an excellent refreshment. Provides invaluable support for those who struggle against exhaustion and it is a mental stimulant. Traditionally, Yerba Mate is prepared in a special dish, a mate, made of gourd, clay or wood. The infusion is drunk with a special straw ended with a sieve, a so called bombilla – often with abundant decorations.

For the comfort of use, for the first time we packed the leaves of yerba mate in ideally flavour-neutral pyramid bags which, thanks to innovative silky material, release the aroma enclosed in the high-quality dried blend and the distinctive sunny flavour of exotic Amazon rainforest even better. That makes preparation of the LOYD Yerba Mate tea line simpler, to make it easier for those who hesitate about tasting exotic flavours, to discover these perfect fruity blends. Let LOYD Yerba Mate tea line make you enjoy every moment in time and help you discover magic in everything that surrounds you.

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