Yerba Mate with Pomegranate and Aloe Vera Flavouring

This is a timeless blend: Yerba Mate, the treasure of South America, mixed with one of the most beloved Mediterranean fruits – pomegranate and aloe vera, often perceived as a genuinely royal plant. Sweet and refreshing beverage with a surprising flavour – waiting there, in each tea bag!

Yerba Mate, a traditional drink of Guarani and Quechua Indians (caá mati) is obtained from the leaves of yerba mate (a Paraguayan species of Ilex paraguariensis). Helps to endure on scorching days and serves as an excellent refreshment. Provides great support for those who struggle against exhaustion and it is a mental stimulant. Traditionally, Yerba Mate is prepared in a special dish, a mate, made of gourd, clay or wood. It is drunk with a special straw ended with a sieve, a so called bombilla.

For your convenience, we offer Yerba Mate in pyramid bags. Thanks to the three-dimensional shape, free flow of water through the bag brings out the full aroma of yerba and gives a subtle infusion with a typical, sunny flavour of exotic Amazon rainforest.

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